Wyprawa w kosmos

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Space. What is it? Where is it? Laurence Bergreen states in his book Voyage to Mars – NASA’s Search For life Beyond Earth, "…the vastness of the sky and the multiplicity of stars silence the urgent noise of the day. The stars are scattered like shards of brilliant glass on black velvet. You cannot help but wonder what is out there." Did you know, prospective space cadets, that there are people living in space at this very minute! How is that possible, you ask? We live in an extremely fast paced, and ever changing world with highly intelligent people to figure out curious and complex problems. You are ONE of THEM! You have been chosen to travel to the International Space Station or I.S.S. for short, which is orbiting planet Earth at this very moment. Your payload (job) is to prepare yourself for the exciting career that awaits you by learning more about the shuttle transport system, astronaut jobs and equipment, and life on the I.S.S.
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